• Eden Gardens offers studio apartments with en suite bathroom and kitchenette, 1 bedroom and two bedroom units have an en suite bathroom, separate lounge, kitchenette and an enclosed balcony.
  • Units are serviced daily and linen and towels are provided and are washed weekly. 
  • Personal washing can be done at our laundry room with token operated washing and drying machines.
  • Levies vary from unit to unit depending on the number of shares and location.
  • The levy charge includes:
    • Three meals per day
    • Water and electricity
    • Security
    • DSTV
    • Telephone line
  • All units are connected to a 24-hour emergency call system.
  • A smoke detector system in every unit.
  • Full generator service. 
  • The entire complex has security walling together with electrified fencing and controlled access.
  • Units are fitted with ceiling fans and or air-conditioning.
  • Units are purchased for cash and the full purchase price (less any outstanding expenses) is paid into the estate.
  • Any profit above the purchase price of sale will be paid into a stabilisation fund which is used to counter any losses in the monthly financial statement.

20 Share

25 Share

40 Share

45 Share

50 - 55 Share

55 Share